3 Iconic Views in Luxembourg City

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I visited Luxembourg City back in 2017 on a layover, so while I was in Luxembourg for the long weekend, my focus was to get out and see the castles and towns of the countryside. However, it's not a trip to Luxembourg without spending some time wandering the beautiful and photogenic city, famously perched on a cliffside.

You can read my blog post from 2017 for a detailed guide on everything to see in Luxembourg City, but today I wanted to share three iconic views of the city that you simply cannot miss on your trip here!

1. Adolphe Bridge from Constitution Square

One of the best sights is the view of Adolphe Bridge. Photogenic from any angle - including from Passerelle Bridge, tourists and locals alike often flock to the benches of Constitution Square to take in the views.

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Constitution Square

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Adolphe Bridge

2. Palais Grand-Ducal

The palace of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, this is one of the most famous buildings in Luxembourg. It's majestic, grand and right in the heart of the city.

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3. Chemin de la Corniche

And my favourite view of all - the viewpoint from Chemin de la Corniche. This is by far the most iconic view in all of Luxembourg, the pastel houses down below looking like a miniature world. I spent a few hours perched on the brick wall, people-watching far below.

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jana meerman vianden luxembourg (7)
jana meerman vianden luxembourg (7)
jana meerman vianden luxembourg (7)


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