About Jana

About Jana

I am a 22-year-old university graduate with a love of documenting the world around me. Born in the UK, living in North America and traveling wherever I can, my desire to roam freely is as deeply rooted as my lust for adventure.

A dancer from the moment I could walk led to a firm foundation in what it means to be dedicated, professional, committed, driven and passionate in the pursuit of my dreams. Earning my Bachelor's degree by the age of 20 opened my eyes to the international fields of politics, security, the environment and cooperation.

I currently work full-time tucking away every spare penny to fund my adventures around the world. I have been to 16 countries so far, with my goal being to visit every single one in the world, using my extravagant bucket list as a guide.

All thoughts expressed on this blog are my own. All advice and tips should be read as opinion pieces based on my experiences.

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