About Jana

jana meerman

I am an explorer, photographer and writer with a love of documenting the world around me.

Born to Dutch and German parents and raised in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, I crave to see more of the world. I've also lived in New Zealand and moved back to Europe in 2020, where I was first based in Belgium and now in Austria. This international upbringing and nomadic lifestyle - my first international flight was aged three months and my first solo international flight was not much later at age seven - has led to a deep-rooted lust for new places and adventure and I fully intend to seek out every country in the world.

Early on we spoke German at home, and other languages have filtered in from where I've lived and what was taught at my schools growing up. I have a global education, I devour books (take a peek at my book list here) and I embrace the nuances of each new place, becoming less attached to any singular space and more restless for travel. The freedom I find in travel drives me to translate what I discover on those journeys into the pictures and words you find here.

In my 26 years so far, I have experienced 50 / 274 countries (see where I got that number here) in my goal to visit every single one in the world using my expansive bucket list as a guide.

Available for worldwide collaborations, travels and adventures.

All photos and words are copyright Jana Meerman; please get in touch if you wish to use images for publishing purposes. All thoughts expressed on this blog are my own. All advice and tips should be read as opinion pieces based on my experiences.