7 Things to See in Steyr

Living in Europe, one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend is taking a train somewhere for the day and just wandering around a new city or town, discovering the pretty streets and finding sweet little spots to visit,… View Post

Visiting Kremsmünster Abbey

Austria seems to be just full of beautiful old abbeys, monasteries, churches and idyllic escapes that are well worth an afternoon's visit. Best of all, many of the ones I have seen so far have been home to some of… View Post

3 Things to See in Linz

One of my favourite things to spend a weekend doing while living in Europe is to take a train somewhere for the day and just wander around a new city or town, discovering the pretty streets and finding wonderful little… View Post

Hallstatt, Austria’s Fairytale Town

Hallstatt is Austria's truly quintessential fairytale town. The moment you arrive, you feel as though you've stepped into a picture-perfect postcard, where idyllic streets, quaint houses and absolutely breathtaking landscapes make you feel as though there's a touch of magic… View Post

Reflecting on my 2021 Travels

After a completely strange year in 2020 which saw our plans completely uprooted, we finally made the big move from New Zealand to Europe in the autumn. We focused much of the early part of 2021 on seeing as much… View Post

Pinnacles National Park

After nearly two years, the US borders finally reopened to vaccinated European residents and I was able to come home for the holidays. The last time I was in the States was for Christmas 2019, while still living in New… View Post

Christmastime in Salzburg

Winter and Christmastime is one of the loveliest times of year, and Salzburg, with its romantic idyllic streets seems to know just how to do the season right. From delightful markets showing off the best of the best, to wintery… View Post

Gaisberg Hike

The Gaisberg is perhaps Salzburg's most well-known local mountain, extremely popular with paragliding and on most days you can look up and see them floating around the summit. There are a few different trails across the mountain, the best one… View Post