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Jana Meerman Co. is an international creative outlet sharing travel and adventure experiences. Designed as a source of inspiration for worldwide explorations, Jana shares her personal tips, insights, photographs and stories with her global audience.

Established in 2014 - and since expanded to a range of social media platforms where Jana shares her content in written, photo and video form - she reaches approximately 14k monthly visitors to her blog from 185 countries, garnering more than 7 million impressions across the web annually.

Jana has been published in numerous international media outlets, including the BBC, NBC, ABC, Yahoo, The Times, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Stuff New Zealand, Daily Hive, and Global News Canada, among many others.

Reach out to Jana to collaborate on:

  • Worldwide media trips
  • Content creation for your brand
  • Sponsored social media content
  • Sponsored blog post content
  • Photography for your brand

All photos and words are copyright Jana Meerman; please get in touch if you wish to use images for publishing purposes. All thoughts expressed are her own and all guides should be read as personal opinion pieces based on Jana's experiences.

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