4 Things to See in Larochette

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Larochette is a little town in the heart of Luxembourg. Situated on the banks of the White Ernz River and surrounded on all sides by dense forest and walls of rock, Larochette is as quaint as they come.

On my expedition to travel around Luxembourg on my first trip outside of Belgium since moving there in September 2020, Larochette was the perfect first stop to get acquainted with small-town Luxembourg.

Easily accessible by bus from Luxembourg City as well as many surrounding towns and cities, Larochette is well worth a stop on any Luxembourg roadtrip or bus adventure!

While you're in this darling spot, here are four pretty scenes you should be sure not to miss:

1. Streets of Larochette

Pastel-coloured houses line the streets of Larochette all centred around a medieval town square. Put away the map and wander through the streets, eyeing up the beautiful colours and pretty flower arrangements adorning fences and windows. The ruins of Larochette Castle provide a beautiful and mystical backdrop.

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The ruins of Larochette Castle behind the houses of the town

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One of the many pretty pastel-coloured streets

2. Larochette Castle

While historians estimate there has been a structure of sorts on this site since the 12th century, the ruins of the the grand Larochette Castle are neo-classical (18th century). Sitting majestically above the little town, the castle ruins are open to explore.

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Ruins of Larochette Castle

3. Viewpoint over Larochette

Climbing the secret stairs up from Rue de Mersch towards the castle ruins, a bench sits jutting out over Larochette and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the entire town laid out below. It's the perfect spot for a picnic or just to catch your breath and enjoy the view.

jana meerman larochette luxembourg (5)
jana meerman larochette luxembourg (5)

4. Sint-Donatus Church

In the centre of town on one side of the medieval square, surrounded by sweet little cafes, you'll find the Sint-Donatus Church, a dark and peaceful space where you can find respite from the busyness outside and enjoy the sweeping architecture so common of European religious monuments.

jana meerman larochette luxembourg (5)



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Pinterest - Larochette
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