10 Things to Do This Autumn

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My favourite season is upon us and I wanted to share ten ways I get into the true Autumn mood. It's a season of comfyness, coziness, snuggling down with a blanket and a good book sorta vibe. Bring on the pumpkin scents and the vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange!

Decorate Your Space

No matter how big or how small your space is, you can tuck little accents in to make your home feel that much more inviting!

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Homesense tins and towels

Light Scented Candles

Bring a pop of sweet cinnamon pumpkin or flannel on your coffee table and try mahogany teakwood on your desk.

jana meerman autumn fall-3

Bath & Body Works candles // Homesense tray and accents

Enjoy the colours of the leaves

The best thing about autumn (or 'fall' if you're North American) is the gorgeous, rich colour palette that comes along with it. The deep reds, vibrant oranges and bright yellows flutter along in the wind and turn streets into works of art.

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Head to the pumpkin patch

Make your way to the local pumpkin farm and spend the afternoon analyzing and selecting your perfect pumpkin. Then, take it home, scoop out the goop and carve a masterpiece to light up on Halloween night! My favourite Vancouver patch is Richmond Country Farms, where you also get to join in on a hay ride, live music and apple picking!

jana meerman richmond country farms pumpkin patch-1
jana meerman richmond country farms pumpkin patch-1

Share a hot drink with a friend

I almost titled this section "Drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte", but fear not haters, you can also enjoy this one! Warm up with an apple cider or a steaming hot cocoa in the cooling weather with those you love.

Visit the farm market

There are some delicious and colourful vegetables filling the produce stands of local farm markets in the fall. Stock up on hearty potatoes, cauliflowers and rainbow-coloured carrots for your comfort-food meals this autumn.

jana meerman richmond country farms pumpkin patch-3

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Eat far too many mashed potatoes and feel sugar-sick off pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, a holiday to be grateful for what you have and what you can share with those you love.

Burn off Thanksgiving Dinner with a hike

My year-round favourite activity is getting out into the local mountains and enjoying the fresh air, wildlife and stunning views of this beautiful province. Find a local trail - and make sure it's still open and not already snow-covered - to work off those extra Thanksgiving pounds.

jana meerman lake louise big beehive lake agnes moraine lake banff-49

Lake Agnes Trail to Little Beehive, Banff National Park

Watch a scary movie

Halloween is a very important part of fall and that comes with a bit of spook and thrill. Settle in to watch a scary movie, with a pillow on hand to scream into if you need it!

Dress up

And of course, celebrate the end of the season with a fantastic costume. Show it off in your neighbourhood, scare the kiddies who come to your door or dance the night away at a Halloween party - just so long as you do it in style.

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