Grouse Grind & Thunderbird Ridge Hike

jana meerman thunderbird ridge

The Grouse Grind is a famous hike in Vancouver, known for its tough stairs and intense workout. It’s a hike I’ve always wanted to tackle – but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! The hike is exhausting, and you need to be in good shape to take on the Grind.

At the top of the mountain are a couple restaurants in the lodge that is a fantastic ski chalet in the wintertime as well as a free and hilarious lumberjack demonstration, bird demonstration and the massive grizzly bear enclosure home to the two Grouse grizzlies.

Thunderbird Ridge is a quick and relatively easy (in comparison to the Grind) hike that extends from the top of Grouse Mountain. The view from the top is stunning; you can see most of the Lower Mainland, and it is a perfect spot to have a picnic with 360 views of the mountains, city, ocean and forest. It's also significantly less busy than the Grind meaning you might even get the trail to yourself.


When: Grouse Grind sometimes opens as early as May (check their website for official opening dates), Thunderbird Ridge accessible July to October due to snow on the mountain during ski season

Where: Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver

Difficulty: Grouse Grind is difficult, Thunderbird Ridge is easy-intermediate

Length: 1-2 hours for 3km one-way hike up the Grind, then another 1.5 hours round trip for 6km Ridge hike (you must take the Skyride for $10 back down Grouse; hiking down the Grind is not permitted)

Directions: Vancouver Trails

Bathrooms: yes, at Grouse parking lot and at the top in the Grouse Lodge

Public Transit: yes, see full list here

jana meerman grouse grind
jana meerman thunderbird ridge
jana meerman thunderbird ridge
jana meerman thunderbird ridge
jana meerman thunderbird ridge
jana meerman grouse grind

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