Granville Island: Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide

jana meerman granville island

One of the loveliest neighbourhoods in Vancouver is this tiny little island tucked under the Granville Street Bridge just south of downtown. Granville Island is well-known for its food, markets, outdoor summer street performances and abundance of artisan-focused shops, boutiques, and the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. If you have a day, or even an afternoon, here are the must-sees of this little Vancouver gem:

Granville Loop Park

Visit the large 100 stone sculpture commemorating Vancouver's 100th birthday.

jana meerman granville island

Sutcliffe Park

Explore the gardens surrounding a cute pond full of ducks under the bridge as you enter the island.

jana meerman granville island

Kids Market

Discover all things to do with the imagination and creativity. There are 25 stores for those with an obsessive love for toys and childhood.

jana meerman granville island

Granville Island Market

For tea-tasting, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious Kaisereck bagels and a dozen discounted day-old donuts for $4 pop.

jana meerman granville island
jana meerman granville island

Granville Island Marina

Sit and enjoy the view where the small False Creek ferries depart from.

jana meerman granville island

Net Loft

For the arts and crafts and your inner creative, featuring a variety of beautiful craft stores and artisan boutiques.

jana meerman granville island
jana meerman granville island

Railspur Alley

For artisan boutiques, Christmas lights and a little park.

jana meerman granville island


  1. Jean Berlin
    May 25, 2020 / 4:28 am

    “Visit the large 100 stone statue commemorating Vancouver’s 100th birthday.”

    Well, that’s a great pic but an error in English (French is my mother tongue and we make the same difference):

    Statue = usually representing a person or animal (but many make the error)

    That “100” is a sculpture, 100% sure.

    • May 25, 2020 / 2:49 pm

      Ha, good catch Jean! Thanks for that tip 🙂


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