BCMC Trail Hike

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

The BCMC Trail begins just beyond the start of the Grouse Grind, and is harder than the Grind, if that's even possible. The BCMC Trail is very straightforward, made up mostly of natural steps built into the forest's stones and roots. When you reach the top of Grouse Mountain, the view of glistening springtime snow makes the challenging trek worth it. You cannot go back down the hike and must take the Skyride for $10 down.


When: year-round, but snow makes trail slippery and hidden from October-July

Where: Grouse Mountain

Difficulty: intermediate-difficult

Length: 1.5 hours for 3km one-way

Directions: Vancouver Trails

Bathrooms: yes, at base and at peak

Public Transit: yes, see full list here

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

The start of the BCMC Trail

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

The further I climbed, the more snow

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

Fully snowy!

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

View from the peak of the trail at the summit of Grouse Mountain

jana meerman bcmc trail hike (13)

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