A Guide to Wayalailai Island

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Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort is situated on the island of Wayalailai, the southernmost of Fiji’s Yasawa Islands. This little dot in the ocean is a simple yet incredible place.

Fijian time is dictated by the phrase “Don’t worry, no hurry!” and you truly feel that way here where your responsibilities are little more than to relax and enjoy yourself.

How to Get to Wayalailai Island

Wayalailai Island is on the network connected by the Yasawa Flyer, a large catamaran operated by Awesome Adventures. There are a variety of packages and passes available; I am traveling on an 11-day Bula Pass which is essentially a hop-on, hop-off pass to visit the islands. Check out my guide to how to book your own pass here.

The Yasawa Flyer travels each day from Port Denarau in Nadi northwards through all the Manuca and Yasawa Islands before heading home in the evening, picking up and dropping passengers off along the way. At each island, passengers disembark onto a smaller boat that will take them to each island.

It takes about 2 hours from Port Denarau to Wayalailai Island.

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Wayalailai Island from the Yasawa Flyer

Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort

The Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort is simple luxury. Made up of a cluster of bures (small shelters) with a variety of accommodation options such as privates and dorms, Wayalailai is situated right on the beach with the gorgeous summit of Wayalailai rising majestically behind.

Each staff member learns your name and speaks to you as if you’re family. It’s truly a lovely place to start your island-hopping in Fiji!

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Things to Do on Wayalailai

Hang Out in a Hammock

There’s a small bookshelf in the main building where you can pick something up to while away the hours on the beach, lazily drifting back and forth in one of numerous hammocks that line the shoreline. The lapping ocean waves also make the perfect background noise for a sandy snooze.

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Explore the Beaches

From the resort, you can wander a bit to the left to see white sandy beaches and beautiful rocks along the shore. Along to the right, you’ll come across more shoreline towards one of the local villages of the island.

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Sunday Church

The staff at Wayalailai go above and beyond to make you feel a part of their family; as I was there on a Sunday, I and all the other guests had the honour of joining the local church service accompanied by gorgeous Fijian singing.

Cava Ceremony

Cava is the traditional drink of Fijians, made of a ground up cava plant that is dried in the sunshine for 2 months then soaked with water and drunk as part of a celebratory ceremony, often associated with welcoming guests. Warning, it tastes a bit like plant water!

Summit Walk

At sunrise, you can join a local guide for $30 FJD per person to trek a half hour up to the summit where you will get panoramic views of Wayalailai Island and the surrounding Yasawas. The trek does require a bit of rock scrambling so pack some comfortable shoes! Honestly, sunrise up here was magical – the sun burst over the horizon and glowed pink and orange, illuminating the entire surroundings. I highly recommend experiencing this feeling.

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There is an option to go on a guided tour from Wayalailai to snorkel with reef sharks! This tour is $60 FJD per person. Alternatively, you can also head into the water straight from the beach and enjoy the waters and fish surrounding the island for free!

Coconut Demo

One afternoon, we were privy to watch coconuts being collected and cut open. We each had a chance to try scraping the yummy insides out which became coconut flakes; we also drank from freshly opened coconuts and then enjoyed a Fijian treat: coconut mixed with water, sugar and crackers!

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