How to Spend a Day in Gibraltar

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On my mission to see every country in the world, while spending time living in southern Spain, I of course had to make the trip down to Gibraltar. Now, you'll argue that Gibraltar is not a country - and you're right - but my list includes both countries and territories, because there are so many cool places out there that are definitely some degree of different from their motherland (i.e. New Caledonia in the South Pacific really isn't mainland France, nor is Greenland mainland Denmark) and so Gibraltar, while technically part of the UK, falls as a separate entity on my list too.

If you're curious about my entire list of countries (and territories) I want to visit - all 272 of them! - check out this page.

Because Gibraltar is a tiny little enclave at the very south of Spain - so far south in fact that you can clearly see Morocco on the African continent across the ocean - it's quite a trek from where I am staying in Sevilla. It's too far to do by public transport in a day, however if you have your own wheels, you'd be in luck.

Alternatively, you can join a day tour which will drive you the 2.5 hours down south from Sevilla, give you a complete guided tour of the funky little Gibraltar, and then drive you all the way back. It's a fantastic option. Plus, Gibraltar really doesn't have much to do as it is so small so you can very easily spend just a day there and see pretty much all of it! This is the tour I did - highly recommend.

Here's what we got up to - and you can follow this itinerary too even if you're not on a guided tour!

The Border Crossing

As Gibraltar is no longer part of the EU (thanks to Brexit), you must show your passport when you cross the border. Then, to get into town, you have to walk across the world's 4th shortest airport runway; never done that before!

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The Gibraltar border crossing - don't forget your passport!

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The Rock while you walk across the airport runway

Europa Point

The very southern tip of Gibraltar jutting out into the ocean is called Europa Point from where you can simultaneously see three countries on two continents: Gibraltar (UK), Spain and across the horizon, the coastline of Morocco rises out of the water.

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jana meerman gibraltar (3)
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Africa on the far left and Europe on the far right

St. Michael's Cave

The Rock of Gibraltar is not only an icon on the skyline, you can actually enter inside the rock to visit these cool underground caves where thousands and thousands of years of calcium deposits have created an epic mass of stalagtites and stalagmites now home to possibly the coolest event venue I've seen.

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The Rock of Gibraltar

Of course, the highlight of a visit to Gibraltar is heading up the rock to take in the sweeping views of Gibraltar and Spain below. Plus, you'll get to spot the cheeky monkeys that call this rock home - but be wary, they'll nab your food straight out of your hands if you're not careful!

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jana meerman gibraltar (13)
jana meerman gibraltar (13)

The Moorish Castle

While inside is not exceptional, you can climb up the winding staircase to the top of the tower and take in the view back towards Spain and particularly get a great view of the world's 4th shortest runway - one that is so short and difficult to land on you need a special license to do so!

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