Islands of Germany: Föhr & Sylt

Islands of Germany: Föhr & Sylt

Next time you find yourself in Germany, do yourself a favour and make your way to the northern coast, to a little village called Dagebüll. You can easily reach Dagebüll by train from Hamburg (approximately 3.5 hours, book train tickets online in advance).

At Dagebüll, locate the ticket office for the ferry; foot passengers need not book in advance and reservations are only recommended for vehicle travelers. I believe there is also an option to combine the cost of your train and ferry ticket at German Railway ticket offices but I purchased mine separately.

The ferry to Föhr will pull into the town of Wyk, the island's largest and main hub. The size of Föhr means that the best way to get around is not by car or by foot, but rather by bicycle; there are many rental shops in town. I recommend staying in Wyk and using that as your home base from which to spend your days exploring the island on your two-wheeler. Be sure to pack warm clothes, as the wind as you bike around the island can get to you, even in the middle of summer!

Corn fields of Föhr

St. Johannis Church, Nieblum

Südstrand, Wyk

Dr. Carl Haeberlein-Friesenmuseum, Wyk

Wyk auf Föhr



Föhr’s ocean neighbour is a little island called Sylt, a narrow island with a very unique three-pronged shape! The main town on Sylt is Westerland, and is reached by a short charter flight from Föhr, most easily booked with Sylt Air. We flew over to Sylt to spend the day watching the Volvo Surf Cup, on the gorgeous little stretch of beach.


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