A Weekend in Copenhagen

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A place I am already dreaming of returning to is Copenhagen, the magical capital of Denmark. I want to see the entire country from coast to coast. I had a weekend to everything I want to see in Copenhagen, guided by a family friend who is a local resident.

The bustling Danish hub sits on the waterfront, interwoven with canals and Scandinavian architecture, home to just under 800,000 people. Arrival in Copenhagen can be by flight, but as I was holidaying in nearby Hamburg, I took the train across country and ferry for a different travel experience instead. This train takes just under six hours and tickets can be bought online at Deutsche Bahn.

Where to Eat in Copenhagen

The Hard Rock Cafe has created a global brand that has thrived off the internationalism of their locations. Enjoy something yummy off their comfort food menu with a Danish twist.

jana meerman copenhagen

If you're looking for a snack as you run around the city, pick up a danish pastry from any number of local bakeries and cafes: they all make them and they make them well.

jana meerman copenhagen

Best Things to See in Copenhagen

Nyhavn Harbour

Perhaps the most well-known backdrop in all of Copenhagen, this view is a pastel-coloured perfect welcome to the capital. Boats mill about the little man-made inlet while Hans Christian Andersen's house looms above sun umbrellas inviting people to sit under their shade and enjoy a coffee and Danish pastry. While you're here, take a guided boat tour of the city. You'll make your way along the coast and through the canals that show off Copenhagen's architectural highlights and a stop at the famous Little Mermaid statue.

jana meerman copenhagen
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jana meerman copenhagen

Freetown Christiania

Known more commonly as just Christiania, this self-proclaimed communal space is in the heart of Christianshavn home to just under a thousand people. Due to the nature and culture of the local trades, strict photography rules are in places to prevent many areas from being documented on film. However, I can tell you that some of Denmark's most delicious foods can be found in the inviting local kitchens here; you're welcome in advance.

jana meerman copenhagen
jana meerman copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is an exotic fairground complete with gardens, roller coasters and a beautiful outdoor stage. Attracting four million visitors annually, Tivoli is the world's second oldest amusement park.

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Guinness World of Records Museum

Outside the museum, you can find a statue of the world's tallest man. Take a picture to document how incredibly short you feel! The museum is worth a wander too, if you have the time.

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Copenhagen Cathedral

The next morning, wake up early and head out to explore. Visit the Church of our Lady Cathedral in the heart of Copenhagen, featuring a huge dome prominent on the city's skyline. The original cathedral was built in 1209 on Vor Frue Plads; today it is next door to the University of Copenhagen.

jana meerman copenhagen

Copenhagen International Sand Sculpture Festival

After your stint at the cathedral, head down to one of the world's largest international sand castle contests to wander through some incredible sculptures that will make you say 'how did they do that!'.

jana meerman copenhagen

Royal Danish Theatre

This gorgeous theatre sits right on the road across the street from where you first walk out of the train station. Home to the National Danish Performing Arts, this beautiful structure houses world-renowned performances.

jana meerman copenhagen
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