Visiting Stonehenge

jana meerman stonehenge

Most people will immediately recognize photographs of the strange ring-formation of stones in southwestern England. A famous UNESCO world heritage site, and listed on many lists of places to see before you die, Stonehenge attracts over a million visitors per year. At over 4300 years old, the structure has certainly weathered many storms and has an interesting history.

Why I Wasn't That Impressed

Unfortunately, in today's world of tourism and booming commercialism, the site has turned from a historical fascination into a money-making tourist trap. Entry fees are £16.50 per adult! Bring the family, and you're looking at a very expensive day out. The ticket stand and visitor centre/gift shop are a mile away from the stones, with shuttles provided to take visitors between the parking lot and the site. This ensures everyone has paid before they are allowed to view the stones and that people don't use the parking lot as a viewing spot. Fair enough.

However, upon arrival at the site, you'll be instructed to stay on a path that completes a full loop around the stones, set quite far back from the ring. Not only are you squinting to get a decent look, you're also joining packs of tourists on the narrow path who are all trying to get the same view. Now, I understand that if millions of people milled around touching the stones, they'd be worn down before you know it. But standing this far away does it no justice - and especially at this price!

I'm glad we got the chance to go, but the whole experience was a little anti-climatic to be honest.

jana meerman stonehenge

How far you have to stand from the stones.

jana meerman stonehenge

A little zooming action!

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