how to spend a day in strasbourg

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Strasbourg sits in the northeastern corner of France, and reminds me very much of an idyllic little German town.

How to Get There

I took a Flixbus from Nice through Aix-en-Provence to Strasbourg overnight. While not the most luxurious form of spending the night, it does save a pretty penny on accommodations, and it allows me to wake up in a new place the next day.

Strasbourg is also well-serviced by a centrally located train station that you can access from many places around the country.

How to Get Around

Walk! Grab a paper map from either the bus terminal or the train station, depending on where you’re arriving from, and hit the streets. Pick your way around town based on the cutest streets and allow yourself to wander through quaint little alleys and come across beautifully lined canals. It takes approximately 25 minutes to walk from the train station to the bus depot through town.

A tram also offers speedy service around town if you’d prefer to get around that way.

What to Do & See

TIP: if you’re visiting before 11am, Strasbourg is a pretty sleepy place and not much is going on. This is great if you’re hoping for photos that are people-free and for the freedom to wander the streets are your own pace, but not so good if you’re looking to jump right into activities.

Gothic Cathedral: right in the middle of Old Town, the cathedral is huge, so you really can’t miss it!

jana meerman strasbourg france-5

jana meerman strasbourg france-6

jana meerman strasbourg france-7

Centre-Ville: explore the streets of Old Town, taking in the shoppers advertising their wares and folks enjoying a petit dejeuner at the local cafes.

jana meerman strasbourg france-1

jana meerman strasbourg france-2

jana meerman strasbourg france-3

jana meerman strasbourg france-4

jana meerman strasbourg france-8

jana meerman strasbourg france-9

jana meerman strasbourg france-16

jana meerman strasbourg france-18

Petite France: this it by far the ‘cutest’ part of Strasbourg and if it’s fun photos you’re hoping to get, this is where you’ll find them.

jana meerman strasbourg france-11

jana meerman strasbourg france-12

jana meerman strasbourg france-13

jana meerman strasbourg france-14

Le Grande Rue: this is the main shopping and dining street in town and stretches straight out in front of the train station. If you’re looking for anything, you’ll most likely find it here.

Park Place d’Etoile: a calm little haven of greenery just behind the bus depot welcomes weary travelers.

jana meerman strasbourg france-17.jpg

Day Trip from Strasbourg: Colmar

If you’re really looking for the cutest town in France, leave Strasbourg behind and make your way on the train to Colmar. Trains take just under half an hour and cost 9,50 Euros. Click on the photo for all my tips and info!

jana meerman colmar france-10.jpg


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