colmar, the cutest town in france

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What I truly believe to be the real-life ‘Beauty and the Beast’ town, Colmar is perhaps one of the cutest places I have ever stepped foot.

How to Get There

From Strasbourg, trains run every half hour or so for 9,50 Euros. Colmar is not commonly accessible from places around France, so base yourself from Strasbourg. It takes about 25 minutes to make the commute.

What to Do & See

Colmar is hands down the cutest place I have wandered through while in France. With many little corners looking like they’ve just jumped out of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (the fountain, the square, the canals, and the perfect little houses), no part of this town is to be avoided.

Once you’ve made your way off the train, grab a map at the bike rental shop next door to the station. Follow the Avenue de la Republique to the Tourism Office (noted with a big Wi-Fi symbol). From here, you can gather your bearings, check the internet if needed, and from there you can start their pre-planned walking tour of Colmar.

Follow the little red dots on your map to see the best of Colmar: museums, famous buildings, schools, libraries, markets and sweet little flower-lined canals. As you wander, you will hear the tolling of the cathedral bells, the chatter of people in French, English, Spanish and German, and the pattering of feet walking along the cobblestoned paths.

jana meerman colmar france-1

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jana meerman colmar france-15

Where to Eat

If you’re looking for a sweet little cafe, stop in at Au Dore next door to the Bartholdi Museum. If you’re lucky, while you’re sitting outside in the cobblestone street, live musicians may serenade you.

For those in need of bigger satisfaction, head to La Pergola for delightful pizzas and pastas just next door to Au Dore.

jana meerman colmar france-16.jpg


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