visiting the medieval village of èze

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Perched high above the French Riviera, the village of Èze entices visitors with winding streets and stunning views.

From Nice, take the tram to Vauban, where you can catch bus 82 that will trudge up winding roads to the little hilltop village of Èze. The streets are busy, and in the middle of July, as the bus is packed full of tourists, it gets hotter and stinkier with each slow traffic light. Be prepared!

The hostel brochure we had claimed the trek was 20 minutes from Nice to Èze, but give yourself 45 minutes at least to get up to the top. Also, buses back down run only every hour or so, so plan your schedule accordingly!

Upon arrival in Èze, you can wander your way up sweet little streets that wind their way with no sense for logic. Unfortunately, the entrance to the Jardins Exotique d’Èze is 6 Euros per person, and while the panoramic views of the coast are quite something, Kate and I both felt that the views from the bus were better.

TIP: if you want a free view of an incredible jutting out piece of land with two busy superyacht harbors on each side, hop off at La Leopolda. Catch the next bus to go and wander through Èze, but save yourself 6 Euros knowing you will have already seen the best view!

jana meerman eze france-5

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*Including photos by Kate


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