an afternoon in villefranche-sur-mer

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An easy afternoon on the waterfront is to be had in the gorgeous little seaside village of Villefranche-sur-Mer, home to some of the French Riviera’s most colourful buildings.

You can either take the 100 Bus from Nice to Octroi and, at the little bakery (that sells delicious pain au chocolat for 0,80 Euros), turn right and head straight down the hill towards the beach.

If you take the train, get off at Villefranche and the beach will be right there, nestled neatly on the doorsteps of brightly coloured villas and restaurants.

One of the few sandy beaches along the south coastline here, it’s often busy with sun-seekers and big families so avoid weekends!

jana meerman villefranche-1

jana meerman villefranche-3

jana meerman villefranche-4

jana meerman villefranche-5

jana meerman villefranche-6

jana meerman villefranche-7

jana meerman villefranche-8

jana meerman villefranche-9


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