the prettiest beach in the french riviera: plage mala

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Home to azure waters, a warm pebbled beach, high cliffs and a vibrant beach bar, this is the French Riviera.

How to Get There

The 100 bus leaves from the Nice harbour and travels along the coast towards Monaco. Get off at Beavebrook and walk down the hill following the signs for Plage Mala.

What to Do

For 30 Euros you can spend the day on a comfy sunbed, or you can settle with the warm pebbles of the beach. Swim in the warm and stunningly clear waters of the secluded beach. Have a drink or some appy’s at the beachfront bars and restaurants. Dive off the anchored dock in the middle of the cove. Most of all, enjoy the sunshine and incredible views of this French Riviera gem.

What to Bring
  • A beach mat to put under your big beach towel; the pebbles aren’t the comfiest to lie on and can get very hot under your feet.
  • Sunscreen – the southern French sun is no joke! Constantly reapply, especially every time after you go in the water.
  • Water, to stay as hydrated as possible. You want to avoid headaches and sunstroke in the glaring sun.
  • Sunglasses, and a cute bikini!

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