university of british columbia: where to eat

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During my three and a half years thus far, I have discovered many of the great (and not so great) places to eat on campus. Given that we are our own city, outside the boundaries of Metro Vancouver, practically everything a normal city has is offered here on campus, except that it’s pretty much catered entirely towards students.

Bean Around the World, Thunderbird Boulevard // for coffee, tea, lunch and baked goods.

jana meerman bean around the world.JPG

Biercraft, Wesbrook Village // for beer, drinks, a French-inspired bistro menu and tapas.

jana meerman biercraft.JPG

Bernoulli’s (now Uppercase), Student Union Building (now AMS Nest) // for bagels.

jana meerman uppercase ams.JPG

Blue Chip (now Uppercase), Student Union Building (now AMS Nest) // for coffee, baked goods and campus’ best cookies.

jana meerman blue chip cookie.JPG

Chef Hung’s Taiwanese, Wesbrook Village // for noodles and Taiwanese cuisine.

jana meerman chef hung.JPG

Doughgirls Bakery, Wesbrook Village // for homemade comfort food and baked goods.

jana meerman doughgirls.JPG

Five Tastes Chinese Bistro, University Village // for cheap Chinese food (tip: order 2 items + noodles, and add rice for $1).

jana meerman five tastes chinese.JPG

Great Dane Coffee, behind Allard Law // for baked goods, cinnamon rolls, hot drinks and sandwiches.

jana meerman great dane.JPG

Jugo Juice, Wesbrook Village // for freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

jana meerman jugo juice.JPG

Koerner’s Pub, Graduate Student’s Society // for drinks, comfort food from around the world, pho nachos, ice cream sandwiches and lively music.

jana meerman koerner's.JPG

Mahony and Son’s, University Boulevard // for lunch, dinner and drinks.

jana meerman mahoneys.JPG

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Wesbrook Village // for make-your-own frozen yogurt and toppings.

jana meerman menchies.JPG

Mercante Cucina Italiana Pizzeria, Ponderosa Commons // for fresh, oven-baked pizza.

jana meerman mercante (3).JPG

OMIO Japan, University Village // for cheap, good sushi.

jana meerman omio sushi.JPG

Only U Cafe, University Village // for breakfast, brunch and lunch.

jana meerman only u cafe.JPG

The Point Grill, Marine Drive Residence // for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

jana meerman point grill.JPG

Starbucks, Fred Kaiser Engineering & UBC Bookstore & Student Union Building & University Village & Agronomy Road // for coffee, tea and baked goods and free wi-fi.

jana meerman starbucks.JPG

Triple O’s, Sauder School of Business // for burgers and milkshakes and Triple O Tuesday’s.

jana meerman triple o's.JPG


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